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Rosewood Furniture In Singapore

The Origins of Rosewood Furniture In Singapore

Rosewood is commonly known as Indian Rosewood in Asia. TThe botanical name for Rosewood is Dalbergia latifolia. It is native to low-elevation tropical monsoon forests of south east India. Some common names in English include rosewood, Bombay blackwood, roseta rosewood, East Indian rosewood. The tree grows to 40 metres in height with dense canopy shaped dome and is evergreen.

Rosewood tree

Rosewood Furniture Durability

Rosewood is an extremely slow growing species, usually with a long straight trunk. Sono wood is hard, heavy, durable, and good resistant to insects and are highly resistant to fungal decay of wood when properly dried. The wood produce a sweet smell when being worked on and can persists for a period of time. Certain pieces might have an unusual aroma which is the effect of fragrant aerosol. Wood from the tree is used in premium furniture making and cabinetry, guitar bodies and fret boards, exotic veneers, wood carvings, luxury parquet flooring, boats and skis.

Rosewood furniture in singapore

Colour and Texture of Rosewood Furniture In Singapore

The natural wood colour of Rosewood ranges from golden brown to a deep purplish brown, with darker brown almost black streaks. The wood darkens with age, usually becoming a deep brown. The wood is highly prized throughout the world for its excellent qualities of having a long straight bore, its strength, its high density and its natural dark and elegant beautiful wood grains.

Affordable Rosewood Furniture in Singapore

SG Home Furniture provide affordable Rosewood furniture in Singapore at direct factory prices. We only use kiln-dried Rosewood material for our furniture production. Our popular Roeswood furniture in Singapore includes Rosewood dining table and bench.

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