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Oak Wood

Oak Wood Origins

Oak wood has many subspecies that originate from various continent. However, the most common species used for dining tables is the European Oak. The European Oak is sought after by furniture makers due to its immense size and width. This timber can grow up to lengths of 12 metres and have widths of up to 3 metres! European Oak trees are also one of the oldest tree species in the world and have been around for 1200 years. As such, with its huge size and aged sturdiness, European Oak is an ideal dining table option for homeowners with big families.

Oak Tree

Oak Wood Durability

European Oak is widely regarded as a strong and moderately dense wood slab. One of the most common indicators of durability in the industry is the Janka scale which ranges from 0 to 4,000. In this ranking, European Oak has a hardness rating of 1360, putting it in the acceptable hardness range for a dining table. This means that the European Oak is not too soft that it’ll crack easily from daily use, but at the same time, it’s not too hard that furniture makers are unable to work with it.

European Oak wood has good resistance against fungal infestations as well, making it less prone to rot and decay. This is due to its high density and natural properties inherent in the wood itself. As such, European Oak has the strength and durability to not only withstand everyday use but also the properties to fight against fungal infestations that thrive in tropical countries like Singapore.

Oak slab texture

Colour and Texture of Oak Wood

European Oak has a whitish brown to light brown colour tone. This makes it very popular with many homeowners as it fits many trendy home aesthetics such as a Scandinavian or Japanese interior. It is also a safe choice for many homeowners as its neutral tone complements well with most home colour palettes. Oak is also mostly straight-grained, giving this wood slab a very clean and minimal look. European Oak is a versatile wood slab that is perfect for any home. With its easy to match color tone, this timber is an easy pick for homeowners who want something that blends seamlessly into their home. Moreover, with its exceptional sturdiness and strength, a European Oak dining table will last for decades

Oak slab

Affrodable Oak Wood Furniture In Singapore

SG Home Furniture provide affordable Oak wood furniture in Singapore at direct factory prices We only use kiln-dried Oak wood material for our furniture production. Our Oak wood furniture in Singapore includes Oak wood chairs and beds.

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  • Classic Oak Wood Bench in Singapore

    Classic Oak Wood Bench


    ooking for a versatile piece of furniture that adds both style and functionality to your home? Check out the Classic Oak Wood Bench! Crafted from high-quality oak wood, this bench boasts a timeless design

  • Providence style Oak wood crossback chair with rattan seat.
    Dining Chairs

    Cross Back Dining Chair


    Add a touch of rustic charm to your dining room with the Cross Back Dining Chair. Made with Oak wood, this chair provides both comfort and support. Discover a unique and durable seating option that will elevate your dining experience. Order now for an authentic feel in your home.

  • Solid oak wood tv console with 1 rattan drawer. 
    Oak wood furniture

    Curve TV Console


    Oak wood tv console with 1 rattan drawer.

  • Guy American black walnut Bedside Table in Singapore
    American Black Walnut Bedside Table

    Guy Bedside Table


    Add a touch of luxury to your bedroom with American black walnut bedside table. perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a high-end look in their bedroom.

  • Horagano Oak Wood Dining Chair In Singapore
    Dining Chairs

    Horagano Dining chair


    Elevate your dining experience with the Horagano Oak Wood Dining Chair. Embrace cozy dining moments and enjoy the enduring quality of premium oak wood.

  • Minimalist sleek design Jordan bed.  American black walnut or natural colour Oak wood with Pu leather covered cushion headboard.
    American Black Walnut Bed Frame

    Jordan Bed


    Upgrade your bedroom with the Jordan Bed, crafted from American black walnut bed frame. Experience the elegance and durability of solid wood construction. Sleep soundly with the slatted base. Order now and enjoy a one-of-a-kind piece for years to come.

  • American black walnut or Oak wood shoe cabinet.
    American Black Walnut Furniture

    Panel Shoe Cabinet


    Solid wood shoe cabinet made with American black walnut or Oak wood.

  • Picks Oak Wood Coffee Table In Singapore
    Coffee Tables & Side Tables

    Picks Oak Wood Coffee Table (Set of 2)


    Natural beauty and functionality with the Picks Oak Wood Coffee Table. Crafted with exquisite oak wood Adds a touch of rustic elegance to your living space.

  • Pompeii Oak wood dining chair in Singapore
    Dining Chairs

    Pompeii Dining Chair


    Elegance and exceptional comfort with our handcrafted Pompeii Oak Wood Dining Chair. Indulge in the allure of timeless design, ergonomic support and durability.

  • Simple headboard made of solid Oak wood and rattan. Solid wood slats for mattress.

    Rattan Bed


    Upgrade your bedroom decor with our Rattan Bed with Oak Wood Frame and Headboard. Experience the natural elegance and superior comfort of our woven rattan bed. Easy to maintain and built to last.

  • Solid Oak wood and rattan bedside table with 1 door.
    Bedside Tables

    Rattan Bedside Table


    Upgrade your bedroom with our stunning Rattan Bedside Table made of premium oak wood. Hand-woven rattan accents and practical storage solutions make it a must-have for any decor.

  • Rest Oak Wood Dining Chair In Singapore
    Dining Chairs

    Rest Dining Chair


    Enhance your dining room with the beautiful and durable Rustic Oak Wood Dining Chair. Crafted from high-quality oak wood, this chair is both comfortable and versatile.

  • Solid oak wood tv console with 4 drawers and 1 flip open glass door.
    Oak wood furniture

    Retro TV Console


    Solid oak wood tv console with 4 drawers and 1 flip open glass door.

  • Wishbone Oak wood chair with jute rope seat or Pu leather seat
    Dining Chairs

    Y Dining Chair


    Add a touch of contemporary elegance to your dining room with the Y Dining Chair. Its sleek and minimalist design, featuring a sturdy oak wood frame and comfortable PU leather seat, is the perfect addition to any decor style. Designed with comfort in mind, its padded seat and backrest ensure a comfortable dining experience. The chair’s durable construction and easy-to-clean materials make it a practical and long-lasting choice that will look great for years to come.

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